Tidal Consulting

Financial Consulting
Using sophisticated technology and accurate modeling, we develop and introduce strategies geared to improve financial performance by:
  • Increasing Profits and Reversing Profit Fade;
  • Leveraging Bidding Strategies;
  • Accurately Tracking and Increasing Cash Flow and related items – including; WIP, billing, and burden;
  • Calculating Succession and Exit Strategies;
  • Determining and Increasing Business Value; and
  • Determining Income Property Values.
Operations + Management Consulting
Using over a decade of knowledge from multiple platforms and systems, we develop and introduce strategies which improve operational performance by:
  • Finding waste and/or downtime and implementing corrective action strategies;
  • Providing an in depth analysis of current company processes and procedures;
  • Analyzing the value of current software and its relation to business use; and
  • Defining the flow of information both internally and externally.
Tax Planning
We provide strategic tax planning for the entity and related individual(s) in the areas of:

  • Asset Protection;
  • Business Structuring;
  • Minimization of Federal and State exposure;
  • Compensation Planning;
  • Employee Retention;
  • Retirement Planning and Funding; and
  • Estate, Succession, and Exit Planning.
Succession + Exit Planning
Through our systematic process, we provide guidance for closely-held business in the areas of:
  • Business Succession and Exit Planning;
  • Succession and Exit Timeline Planning;
  • Transactional Guidance, Value Drivers, and Finance Strategies;
  • Executive Benefits and Incentive Plans;
  • Successor Management Ownership Strategies; and
  • Business Continuity Planning.
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