Inbound Marketing Strategy (GamePlans)

Inbound Marketing is a method of pulling customers toward your brand versus the traditional way of pushing messages out to the public and hoping it grabs the right audience’s attention. It uses a combination of content marketing, SEO, email marketing, social media, and marketing automation. At the core of inbound marketing is the strict focus on your end customer to make your brand feel more human and less “corporate”, thus building a relationship with your customers for years to come.

Inbound Marketing + Ecommerce

Inbound Marketing works best when it’s coupled with your Ecommerce storefront. The tools used and data generated allow you to see your future and current customers’ interactions from the first time they find you via a Google search, all the way until they have become a first-time or repeat customer.

Inbound Marketing & HubSpot Consulting

While inbound marketing is the strategic method, the marketing automation platforms on the market today are the engine that drive your online marketing efforts. While we specialize in the HubSpot platform, we can also help a few select other platforms. Our inbound marketing gameplans are tool-agnostic, meaning they focus on inbound only and allow you to adapt it to whatever tool you have selected for your business.

Website Development (WordPress)

At the center of every inbound marketing engine is a powerful website the represents your brand in a human and helpful way. Our primary weapon of choice is WordPress, but we’ve been known to entertain other platforms upon request.

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