Kate Larson Writes, LLC

I’m a writer, idea generator, and thought organizer – I’m here to help you articulate what you want to say and decide how to communicate with each of your target audiences. If you’re looking for someone to build a case for your program or product, to tell your story, or to change people’s minds, let’s talk. 

With nine years of professional experience, I know how to craft key messaging and shape it to the needs of each project. I can fill in gaps in your organization – do you need someone who understands how to build and maintain a social media presence? I’m there. Someone who can write a traditional case study or one-pager? That’s me, too – and I have an eye for stories buried in conventional places or hiding in plain sight.


The following are a few of the types of work I do for clients. Do you have something else in mind? I’d be happy to chat about what we can create together – and if it’s not a good fit for me, I can point you to another Madison-area freelancer who can help.

Case Studies

Stories are a powerful way to make a point, bring in new business, or build an audience. A compelling case study can raise your company’s profile or enable you to share lessons learned with your collaborators. I’ll conduct interviews, comb through documents and data points, and once the study is written, I’ll offer suggestions for visuals that will make the final product even more engaging.

Research Narratives

Find yourself with a wealth of great data but only enough time to pull together a few bullet points? Whether you’re looking for a full-length report or a sharp executive summary, I’ll dig into your findings and emerge with a story. We’ll start by discussing your audience and the kind of information that piques their interest, and then I’ll create a final product that they won’t be able to stop talking about.

Blog & Newsletter Content

Growing your audience requires an ongoing conversation. From your end, that means fresh website content (read: blog posts), and a weekly or monthly email newsletter to alert followers to new trends, suggested reading, and helpful tips. If that sounds exhausting, let’s talk about how we can pair your knowledge of your field with my experience crafting regular content and scheduling it for publication.

Nonprofit Annual Reports

Your organization has accomplished so much this year, and so many people have benefited! But you’ve been so busy doing good work that you don’t have time to share it with your community and donors. A brief, well-written annual report is an invaluable fundraising tool – and a great introduction to your organization for potential new partners.

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