Humanicity Copywriting

Humanicity Copywriting is a digital agency based in Wisconsin, but serving the world.

We offer thought leadership packages, branded content creation retainers, website copy, case studies, and white papers. 

We can help you get your ideas out of your head and onto the page, and start attracting more of your ideal clients (while spending less time talking to dead ends). 

Thought Leadership: 

Define the conversation in your industry and grow your brand’s reputation by producing powerful written content.

Packages are available from 6 to 12 posts, which can be written and published on any timeline you like. All packages include a strategy consultation.

Prices vary per project but start at $750 per article ($500 for nonprofits). 

Branded Content Retainer:

Become the go-to source of insight and perspective for your clients and fans with a regular branded publication. Create evergreen content and react to current events with an on-demand copywriter.

Retainer contracts can be set up for one article per quarter up to 6 articles per month.

Retainers are month-to-month contracts that guarantee Humanicity’s availability for the agreed upon scope of work. The fee is due monthly even if the client does not take advantage of the full scope of work.

Prices vary per project but start at $750 per article ($500 for nonprofits).

Website Copy: 

You’ve been in business long enough to break your first (or second) website, and now you understand the role your website actually plays in your marketing and sales efforts. We can help you define the best tone for your audience and create content that will attract your ideal clients. 

Prices vary per project but start around $500 per page. 

Case Study: 

Demonstrate the value you can provide to your ideal clients by telling the story of how you solved problems for a previous client.

A case study is an in-depth client testimonial created to help attract more of your ideal clients. It typically involves at least two interviews, one with the client and one with you, but can include up to four interviews. No matter how complicated the industry or how technical the challenge you helped your client overcome, Humanicity can find a way to tell the story in a clear, concise way that a 7th-grader could understand.

Prices start at $1,000. 

White Paper: 

A white paper is your opportunity to tell your story, or answer your clients’ most complex questions, in an in-depth format.

Prices start at $2,000.

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