Amy (Lou) Groshek

Hi! My name is Amy. My friends call me Lou. I’m a freelance web developer specializing in online learning. My expertise includes SCORM, Moodle, and WordPress online learning plugins like LearnDash, Edwiser, and WPLMS. I have 10 years of experience in the online learning industry, and I got my start doing front-end and PHP development for the Moodle LMS. What I love most about freelancing is that I am constantly learning new programming langauges and frameworks. I’m enthusiatic about projects that offer me the opportunity to build elegant, efficient, and future-forward solutions. If you ask me for something that’s not a very good idea, I’m sure to tell you so. 🙂

Web Development

Extensive LAMP stack development experience and a hearty OSS ethos. I also support a small subset of small business owners who use the Squarespace platform, but if you intend to expand your site offerings to scheduling, ecommerce, or online learning, I will advise you to start from the beginning with a more robust CMS platform.

Moodle and SCORM

I have extensive Moodle and SCORM expertise. I literally wrote the SCORM documentation on I provide extensive debugging and consulting services for your SCORM content in Moodle.

For SCORM content authoring that’s open-source, accessible, and developer-friendly, I highly recommend the Adapt authoring tool and framework.


Lately I’ve been expanding my online learning offerings to include WordPress development and configuration.

When corporate customers come to me asking that Moodle’s interface or functionality be stripped down to a few core features, I instead recommend WordPress in combination with the LearnDash or WPLMS plugins.

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